Getting the right right space to meet in is a big part of running
a successful event.

Here is a checklist of things to think about:

  • inbuilt technology: eg electronic whiteboard, smartboard
  • full length whiteboards, especially metal-backed whiteboards
  • stick on anything walls
  • flip charts with post it paper, good pens
  • chairs on wheels, with good lumbar support, tilt, arms
  • continuous refreshments - including brain food (fruit, etc)
  • great data projector: bright, quiet, freeze  with ability to amplify sound easily
  • natural day light
  • air conditioning
  • easy access to fresh air
  • something special - eg hexagons, pool table, sofas, outdoor environment, etc
  • ease of access (good public and private transport links, facilities for those needing special access)
  • great staff with a 'can-do' attitude that actually deliver what you want value for money 

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