Voting Cards

Do you wonder what a long silence means?

Do you worry if everyone is ‘on board’?

Are you interested in what is going on behind a blank expression?

We like to use creative approaches
to surfacing opinion in small and large groups.

We specialise in ways of gauging opinion in groups – from using simple hand voting (with arms, fingers and thumbs), through creative methods (such as ‘balls in buckets’ or ‘election day’) to the most specialised electronic voting systems.

One method people love is our 6 colour voting card.

This can be used in hundreds of ways – from checking agreement to teaching management models.

You have the chance to buy them – along with our highly evaluated "how to" guide.

They are an affordable solution that can be used again and again.

20 for £99 | 50 for £199 | 100 for £299

[including VAT and delivery]

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