Gerard Fairtlough Resources

Here are a couple of resources from the work of the late Gerard Fairtlough – about different ways to organise the relationships and cultures within business: hierarchy, heterachy and responsible autonomy. Have a listen to the BBC interview (21MB .wma) and a read of the book summary (PDF 141KB).

Get rid of the hierarchies

Why is working in large organisations often so unrewarding? Why does it seem so purposeless, apart from the pay packet?

Work takes up most of our waking lives for the best part of our lives, yet in many cases, work does not really work. What a waste!

A new little book by Gerard Fairtlough addresses this big dilemma. It's called "The Three Ways of Getting Things Done".

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The 7 Ds of delegation

Delegation is a key management skill. This framework (.pdf) and explanation (.mp3) and illustration by Ross share a bit more of our approach.

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