This Business Briefing comes with season’s greetings from the idenk team.  Best wishes for the festive time and 2017.

On the subject of next year, my resolve for 2017 is to use CHHH to guide my work and projects.  It will be useful in how I start an event.  It will help in how I write a proposal.

CHHH?  I outlined what I have discovered in a recent blog.

If you have got this far, you have got the C: curiosity.  This for me is the first base in making progress, whether that is improving a system or an organisation or a team.  Basically, are you bothered?


Well that is where HoHoHo comes in.

If you are trying to do something important the next three steps are crucial.

First, are you seeing the whole.  Are you trying to take a Holistic perspective?  Pretty hard.  But terrifically important.

Second, are you having the most important conversations about what you see.  Is Honesty possible?  In many places, it isn’t.  In fact it can be dangerous and even career limiting.  Paradoxically, this difficultly with being open and truthful seems especially so in settings where noble work beyond profit is the core mission.

Thirdly, are you positive about the future.  Do you have Hope?  Can you see what you can personally do – and remain buoyant in making your best contribution, despite what is happening around you?

Curious.  Holistic. Honest. Hopeful.

So maybe HoHoHo (on a platform of curiosity) will help you as well as me in 2017: in your leadership and life?

Best wishes

Phil Hadridge

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