Briefings Archive 2018


"Vote Now": 18 Analogue and Digital methods to sample participant opinion - guaranteed to bring your meeting to life
When was the last time you were in a meeting when something was put to the vote? More >>

Just Governance: A 10 point checklist for brilliant boards
Collectively, we want our enterprises to be ‘governed’ well, or at least well enough. We are keen that governing systems don't go wrong. More >>

The four essential preconditions for system transformation
I enjoy the work I am invited to help: the places I visit, the people I meet and the tasks I assist. After various projects I distill the lessons and insights. More >>

Do you know the 5G of Happiness?
Much has been written about what might seem like a modern indulgence: the aim of being happy. More >>

'The Exchange' conference format: from an exchange of ideas
First things are fateful... More >>

On our 'best behaviour': ideas for a compelling code of conduct
Creating the best possible organisational climate ... More >>




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