Welcome to 2011 – and to 12th night.

We hope you have come back to work both refreshed and with clear goals. Things seem very green in Cambridge right now – but that is not a metaphor for the economy, but a description of the scenery looking out of the window.

Christmas competition chocolates
Two winners are eagerly awaiting the post

We were overwhelmed by the response to our seasonal competition. Just over half selected the image of the Kings College Chapel snowglobe, with only a few citing the December snow as the main reason!

In the end we decided to award two boxes of Bellina chocolates to honour the effort from so many of you. The winners are a designer at a leading London fashion college and a senior manager in the City. Their answers were chosen by (two different) random processes. For interest, the winners’ reasons for choosing the image were “aesthetics” and “most ‘engaging’ to use your word”.

Briefings 2011
Tell us what you want, what you really, really want

We have been writing our Business Briefings since 2007. Our back catalogue is here, and is something we dip into regularly.

In the sprit of ‘engagement’, what would you like us to write about this year? Is there a topic or issue where you want some free research or encouragement? Maybe there is a habit you are trying to ingrain, a big question for you personally or a major priority for your organisation? Do let us know – we promise to address all the main topics you submit. We may even manage to pick up some of the lower scoring issues in our, more regular and shorter, blog.

Now, if you want something to help you decide what to ask, read on…

Front foot inspiration?

At the start of the year, do you need some stimulus for new things to try at work? If so, have a look at our Front Foot Organisation Assessment, based on our previous research and writing. Rate the performance of your current team or organisation. Think of what you can personally do build on one of the higher scoring items - to play to strengths. Then consider what you can do to contribute to toward improvement in one of the areas where the scores come out lower.

Do phone or email if you want some practical ideas for what you can do to address those scores right now. By the way, the colours in the assessment link to our 4i framework and the four things leaders need to manage for high team effectiveness and top organisational performance.

Forthcoming training

Our next Brilliant Thinking Made Easy course is on 1 and 2 March in Cambridge – and our facilitation short course on 15 March. Details are here. We have some bursary places available upon request.


We worked with many of you in a wide range of public, commercial, not for profit and charitable organisations last year – and look forward to staying in touch during 2011 as we continue to travel in the UK and abroad in our work, and run more formal teaching events and public training courses in Cambridge. Big themes for us right now include supporting individuals and teams through transition and a number of futures/scenario projects.

Best wishes

Phil and Ross
January 2011


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