Phil Hadridge

Since the 1990s I have specialised in supporting groups working to achieve an important social or public ambition - working both locally to Cambridge and in the UK, and internationally across all continents.

I spend my time coaching leaders, moderating large meetings and developing teams working for ethical fashion, wildlife conservation, health care improvement and educational advancement amongst others. I enjoy the mix of organisation types too including development charities, government ministries, public schools and health service bodies, for example.

For a contrast and learning, I enjoy working in a range of commercial sector organisations too, including transportation, finance, energy, retail and drinks.

I teach how to harness the unique potential - whilst overcoming the unexpected problems - of noble purpose organisations.

Phil's blog

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Phil's blog

Looking at things through the lenses of moderation, noble purpose
and more


  • Please contact Phil to book a 90 minute exploratory session for you and your team
  • Phil is known for his engaging all staff talks that motivate all staff groups to get on the Front Foot


  • Phil specialises in a style of moderation he describes as 'community building'. Read more here and this highly reviewed selection of recent blogs.

Team Programmes

  • Phil uses an intensive approach to team development he (sometimes!) calls The Team Gymnasium

Coaching ideas

  • You can read more about Phil’s insights into the particular dynamics of Noble Purpose Organisations in idenk’s 2010 and 2013 Business Briefings.