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Phil Hadridge Danny Dicks  

Ross Pow

Ross now leads the team at Power of Numbers. He talks and teaches internationally on how to harness the power of information to shape decision-making and performance. Having either run or advised data-led businesses in areas such as health, telecoms and finance, he has experienced first hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting your ideas across to influence the actions of other people.

Email: ross.pow@

Power of Numbers

Phil Hadridge

Phil has many years of experience helping groups in the public, commercial and voluntary sectors address the issues they face in interesting and useful ways. As a facilitator, he helps the people who know a business improve that business. He is experienced working at all levels, including challenging the boards of leading organisations to be productive, supporting teams to work well and assisting groups struggling with conflict to understand and move forward. Phil’s passion lies in helping others work with what inspires them, while maintaining a focus on implementation and outcomes.

Email: phil.hadridge@idenk.com

David Dowe

David has spent over 20 years working as a strategy consultant and business development director in both large corporate and public sector organisation and small start-ups with an emphasis on building effective and dynamic teams. He has particular experience in facilitating groups to conceive and create end results which matter to them, in setting up and managing cross-functional and cross-cultural teams and in transforming technical groups within organisations to become more customer focussed. He has worked with the boards of diverse companies such as Heinz, AOL and BT to help them address uncertainties in their markets and as a Director with Sony Europe, led their move into new markets such as healthcare. He is a regular conference chair and round-table discussion host.

Email: david.dowe@idenk.com

Dr Stephen Peake

Stephen is passionate about helping others find creative, intuitive and insightful breakthroughs in their thinking and learning. He draws on nearly 20 years professional experience in a range of national and international organisations (University of Cambridge, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Shell International, International Energy Agency and United Nations). He is an expert in problem identification and ideas generation in messy complex problems and over the years has applied systems thinking and creative design skills in many fields as diverse as global energy, advanced clean up technologies, policing and new healthcare technologies. As an experienced communicator, Stephen is a regular contributor to BBC radio programmes on environmental issues.

Email: stephen.peake@idenk.com

Julie Wells

Julie is an experienced facilitator who has led numerous development programmes with senior doctors and health professionals, plus large group consultations and improvement events. Julie’s career in healthcare has focused on high impact change for the benefit of patients and staff, latterly working at Director-level in a variety of national and local NHS organisations. Julie’s background in communication and knowledge management has led to her involvement in a number of high profile national pieces of work, including the influential ‘Ten High Impact Changes for Service Delivery’. Julie has a keen interest in the way new media can be used to influence change and developed an innovative series of videos to get across public perceptions of important healthcare issues.

Email: julie.wells@idenk.com

Sarah Garrett

Sarah has a background in health care management in the National Health Service and is passionate about improving the quality and safety of care. Sarah’s experience includes the design and testing of new approaches in service transformation, supporting and coaching healthcare staff and leaders and disseminating new learning nationally and internationally. She is a strategic advisor to England’s Patient Safety First campaign and is coauthor of the highly acclaimed NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement publication, Thinking Differently.

Email: sarah.garrett@idenk.com

Simon Sherrington

Simon helps organisations broaden their view by bringing an external perspective to their situation and helping them move from strategic vision to tactical implementation. He has a deep knowledge of fast-moving areas of commerce and industry, in particular the information and communications technology sector. Over the last 13 years, he has written over 30 reports and undertaken more than 50 customised research projects. His clients have included blue-chip companies from the telecoms service provision and manufacturing markets, government departments, regulators and healthcare organisations. He is an experienced presenter, event moderator and workshop facilitator.

Danny Dicks

Danny's varied career has the common threads of making sense of complexity and communicating ideas clearly in a way that resonates with audiences of different types. His expertise draws from experience in publishing, public relations and marketing communications. He has helped public utilities, small private technology companies and large multinational corporations, in fields as diverse as water, electricity supply, testing and telecommunications. He now enjoys working as a consultant, event rapporteur and author for organisations in private and public sectors. He has a talent for capturing both the broad themes and the subtleties of groups' collective wisdom, synthesising clear ideas, and recommending creative ways to disseminate key messages to diverse audiences.

Peter Wightman

Peter is a creative, solutions oriented facilitator and strong conceptual thinker. As someone with 20 years senior leadership experience in the NHS, he has particular strengths in chairing and facilitating complex groups to achieve results. Peter has particular expertise in commissioning healthcare services and has led major change within a complex environment founded on principles of stakeholder engagement and multi-disciplinary team based problem solving. His support with strategic thinking and facilitation has been used by the Department of Health, NHS Confederation, Nuffield Trust and a large number of Primary Care Trusts.

Email: peter.wightman@idenk.com

Deborah Dowe

Deborah has over 20 years experience of business leadership and strategy development with BT and consulting with hi-tech companies such as QinetiQ. She has led organisations comprising a broad range of functions such as sales, corporate relations, HR and research and development and enjoys the challenges of improving communications and inter-working between them. She draws on her corporate experience, strategic skills and natural intuition to help individuals and teams recognise their priority issues and tackle them with clarity and purpose. Deborah has a broad range of interests including horizon scanning, information security, innovation cultures and coaching people to grow and realise their potential. She is passionate about enabling the people she works with thrive in the corporate environment.

Email: deborah.dowe@idenk.com

Greg Brina

Greg’s forte is in communication and helping clients improve their creativity to get their messages across. His reputation as a creative talent has been earned over 14 years managing national public facing campaigns in the third and public sectors. Greg’s passion for creativity is balanced with an early academic background in science that gives him an ability to understand complex and technical situations. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and earned his Green Blue Peter badge in 1998. He'll tell you the greatest asset you can develop is the ability to find empathy with your audience.

Email: greg.brina@idenk.com

Steve Bagi

Steve is a consulting psychologist who specialises in leadership and team development. He has over 25 years of experience in leadership, training and facilitating organisational change both in Australia and in Hungary where Steve worked for five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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