Welcome to our October Business Briefing.

Choices, choices, choices

You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that's clear I will choose freewill

Freewill, Rush

Where to live, where to work, who to be friendly with...etc...etc

Choices, choices...

All our lives feel full of choices - maybe too many (though according to some philosophers less than the reflective lyricist Neil Peart of the 1980 Rush track ‘Freewill’ presents in the full lyrics and music quoted partly above – more on that another time!)

This and the next Business Briefing in a couple of weeks will present you a few choices. There are at least 5 more in this one (assuming you have chosen to read this far already ☺).

First, do you still want to receive these mailings? We are about to do a refresh of our mailing list and will only send future briefings to those who choose to opt in, starting with our festive greeting (CHOICE #1).

Ross and I have been writing our series of Business Briefings a few times a year since 2007. They started out as an opportunity to write longer, more reflective articles. We have been delighted with the feedback we have received. And we are quite pleased with the back catalogue ourselves too. The ones we still refer colleagues to regularly include the 2010 thoughts on Transition and the 2008 piece on the Front Foot Organisation. Do you have any favourites? (Will you choose to reply to us in answer to this question...☺ (CHOICE #2))

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We recognise the world has changed a fair bit since 2007 and now there is an even bigger ocean of information and ideas we can tap into (or maybe an even more nautical metaphor would focus on the sea of stuff we can sail, surf or sink in).

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And the final choice of this penultimate Business Briefing is CHOICE #5. You might be interested to listen to our two recent podcasts on issues leaders regularly have to choose about: the first is on delegation introducing our 7D model. The second is the output of Ross’ research on harnessing conflict.

With best wishes in all you (choose to) do.


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