Welcome to our February Business Briefing.

Option(s) for now and the near

I had a choice today: to cancel some meetings and work from home to help me get some things prepared for an upcoming trip….or to work on the move (train, taxi, café) and keep my commitments to a number of colleagues, contacts and clients. As I sit in the February sun in a village suburb of London that I don’t really know, I am very pleased I chose the second option!

And in redesigning our new look website we considered many options. So, www.idenk.com has been live for a few months now – we hope you like it…and find the many resources we publish to help you do great work even easier to locate. Please let us know.

Here is an option for you if you are one of those who wanted to hear about when we are next running our popular ‘Brilliant Thinking Made Easy’ course (24 and 25 April, via a Cambridge partner TLC).

And a few of the many options on the new website to help you:

  1. design and run a great event (PDF)
  2. handle a challenge in a meeting
  3. explore options with a group – using three powerful tools

There are also other resources to help you think about your career and personal impact.

Best wishes

Phil (with Ross)
February 2013

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