2007 is approaching its close. To us, the year seems to have flown.

We think it's important not to forget what has happened – good or otherwise. To celebrate, to reflect and to learn.

Many of you will know that we frequently make use of the After Action Review as a great way for doing this.

And here are some other questions to think about in looking back over the past year:

1) Which was the best day?
2) Which was the worst?
3) What made me laugh?
4) What made me cry?
5) Who helped me most?
6) Who did I help most?
7) Is there an apology still unsaid?
8) Is there an 'I love you!' to be repeated?
9) Is there a 'thank you' to be spoken?
10) What skill have I learned?
11) What skill remains to learn?
12) Is there a goal that needs writing?

We wish you a very happy Christmas season and our very best wishes for 2008.

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