Breakthrough Thinking

We help YOU work out the answers

…we don’t just tell you what we think you should do

Wisdom of Crowds

“You have the knowledge”

eg informed by evidenced research and analysis

data gathering and synthesis


stakeholder/customer interviews, videos and vox pops

system mapping and ‘deep think‘

market and financial modelling

options generation using mix of deductive, inductive and abductive thinking

eg enabled by innovative breakthrough events

organised as a one-off or a series over time

2-200 people

0.5-3 days each

bespoke design and facilitation

blend of the well-proven and the new and fresh

unique ways of capturing and reporting outputs

eg enacted through implementation planning

fast communication of agreed actions

novel ways of involving all in the things that need to happen

detailed action planning for 5, 30 and 90 days

commitment to review progress

idenk updates

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